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Saddle Fitting

Our Saddle Fitters have attended the Society of Masters Saddlers Saddle Fitting Course, and having trained for at least 3 years and passed their exam, they hold the qualification of “Society of Master Saddler Qualified Saddler Fitter” (SMS QSF). We are also registered with the Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) as a Saddle Supplier.

Our aim is to provide you with a well fitting saddle for your horse, which is also a suitable fit for yourself. We have a large selection of saddles for every discipline.

Some of our saddles are made to template, and by working closely with the manufacturers we can have saddles made specifically for your horse or pony. Unusual fits or individual requirements, eg hollow shoulders, high withers, longer or shorter flap lengths can all be achieved. Saddles made to order may have a 6-8 week lead-time, depending on the time of year.

Saddle Fitting Advice and Remedial Saddle Fitting


We are available to check the fit of your current saddle, even if your saddle was not purchased from us. The Society of Master Saddlers recommends that you have your saddle checked at least twice a year as a correct fitting saddle is just as important as a regularly shod horse or up to date vaccinations.

Horse Advice

Poor fitting saddles can cause numerous issues and dramatically affect the performance of your horse.


Our aim is to offer a complete service for horses that may require remedial saddle fitting.Horses that have had back problems, injury and or previously badly fitting saddles are not always of the correct shape and in the correct work to warrant purchasing their own saddle. In order to provide a complete remedial service we will, where necessary, provide saddles for hire whilst the horse returns to work and/or changes shape. We work in conjunction with Veterinary Surgeons and Physiotherapists to achieve a correctly fitting saddle for your horse.


Saddle fitting is by appointment. Appointments can be made by completing the “contact us page” on our website, by telephoning or emailing us. Generally appointments can be arranged within one to two weeks but during busy periods this may be extended.

Servicing of your Saddle

The fit of your saddle is important to both horse and rider therefore you should have your new saddle checked after the wool panels have settled. If the saddle is used daily, checking will be required after approximately 6 to 8 weeks, if it is used two or three times a week checking will be required after approximately 3 to 4 months. Thereafter we recommend once every 6 months.

Saddle Fitting

Every effort will have been made to ensure your saddle is a good fit, however please take into consideration that, flocking will settle and horses do change shape. The time of the year, the age of the animal, the work being done, even a change of home or rider may considerably alter the way that the saddle fits. We suggest that it is good stable management to monitor this and to check for any signs of discomfort to your horse. If you have any worries about the fit of your saddle we are always willing to discuss them with you.

Supply of Second Hand Saddles

We are able to supply and fit second hand saddles. Certain styles and widths are very difficult to source and we may not always be able to supply one. We are however happy to check the fit of any saddle that you can source yourself. Unfortunately we are unable to take a saddle in part exchange against a second hand saddle.

All details contained here, including prices are subject to change.