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Does Your Saddle Fit?

A change in your horse’s behaviour often indicates discomfort in your horse. If he is showing signs of uncharacteristic behaviour or performance issues, then it may be worth getting your saddle checked. However before you call out your saddle fitter you may need to get your vet to rule out any any structural pathology since the majority of 'back problems' are secondary and occur as a result of primary clinical lameness.

If the answer is “yes” to more than one or two questions, then we would advise you to have your saddle checked. As qualified saddler fitters we are able to recognise if your horse has discomfort in the back and we will refer you to the appropriate treatment for your horse. If your horse is diagnosed with back problems it is important to note that the saddle is not always to blame.

What to look for

In the horse

Horse Fitting

For the Rider

correct posture for a rider

In the horses behaviour and way of going

Horse Behaviour

Factors the may affect the fit of the Saddle