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Just Saddles

Charges and Payment

Our initial visit will involve a full assessment of your horse both in hand and under the saddle. We will follow the recommended procedure of saddle fitting by the Society of Master Saddlers. Our saddle fitting service provides you with an ongoing assessment of your horse and its saddle.

Assessment, Re-Assessment and Travel Charges

Initial Assessment

Up to 1 hour*                   1 Horse                £55.00

                                      2 or more horses  £45.00 each

Reassessments                1 Horse                £45.00

                                      2 or more horses  £40.00 each

*Should you be located more than 1 hour from any of our saddle fitter’s base then it unlikely we will be able to offer you our services. Please contact the saddle fitter covering your area for details.


Payment of our Travel and Assessment Charge is due on the day and payments for saddles are due at the time of fitting the saddle. We accept cash, cheques, online bank payments and all major credit and debit cards.

Additional Charges

WOW and Flaired Saddles

Change of gullet/air adjustment £35.00 where possible we will swop your gullet

Adjustable Gullet Saddles

Change of gullet £10.00 where possible we will swop your gullet

Repair Charges

Any flocking, adjustments, alterations and repairs to saddles will be charged for. Our repair work and flocking alterations are undertaken by Master Saddlers (Trade) in Walsall, who are also members of the Society of Master Saddlers. If your saddle was bought new from us then we will for major alterations or repairs use the manufacturer of your saddle so that your warranties are not affected.

Top flock to new/rebalance back £90.00

Full reflock £150.00

Refit saddle to template £100.00

New girth straps fitted to existing web – short per strap £12.50 each

New girths straps fitted to existing web – long per strap £14.50 each

Width alteration of Tree K2 and Genesis factory repair £295.00

Headplate change Albion Platinum Ultima £200.00

All details contained herein, including prices, are subject to change